Winter camping in Nallo - the wilderness of Northern Sweden


Life in modern society can be a little bit too warm, comfortable and connected. We decided to do something about it and went on a camping trip to Nallo, in the very north of Sweden, in February. Computers and cell phones were left behind. Instead we packed up splitboard/rando gear and our warmest clothes and sleeping bags.

We set up our camp far far away from roads, buildings, electricity, cellphone coverage and people. But in the middle of beautiful and silent nature.

After a week in winter wilderness you learn appreciate things you take for granted normally. The first night not sharing a sleeping bag with a pair of wet and smelly liners was pretty great. Getting water out of the tap instead of having to boil water when you are thirsty is convenient. And not having to warm your friends cold and sweaty feet in your arm pit is ok. But it was the same things I loved about the trip. Contrasts enriches life.

- Daniel Furberg

All photos by Fredrik Schenholm.