Preseason riding tips from Eirik Verlo


The fall can be a very frustrating time of the year; the desire to get back on snow after a long summer is high, but finding decent riding conditions can be difficult. Thus, we’ve interviewed and collected some of the best tips for preseason riding from our team riders. This time Eirik Derås Verlo is providing some tips about where to go close to Tromsø, Northern Norway.

What's your favorite place for preseason splitboarding?

My favorite place for the preseason is Kjosen in Lyngen, with Store Kjostinden and Urdkjerringa. Link to map

What makes this place so special?

This place is special because of the glacier which starts at about 700m and goes up to 1400m. It's a big bowl with snow being transported from over 180 degrees around it, so this means a lot of snow early in the season, but also high avy danger! The terrain there is sick with steep couloirs, some spines and fun terrain to cruise in. Early season you need to bootpack up to 700m, before you can start hiking with splitboard.

Kjosen, close to Tromsø.

Kjosen, close to Tromsø.

What time of fall would you recommend to go there, and why?

I like to go there as soon as the first snow over 600-700m starts to fall. It usually gets really good already early in October, and sometimes even September. By November it's usually full winter there.

Any special runs you could recommend?

I like to go down the couloir right next to Urdkjerringa because it's a proper couloir that's rideable very early in the season.

The Urdkjerringa couloir.

As the winter grows stronger I like to go to Kattfjordeidet on Kvaløya right outside of Tromsø to ride easy accessible fun terrain. The area is stacked with couloirs and steep runs, and it is often rideable from November. Link to map

Backcountry snowboarding can be a dangerous activity. You should always read the local avalanche report, bring the necessary safety equipment, and have the required safety knowledge before heading into the backcountry.

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