Eiger west face - Davide Capozzi


"On December 23rd, I rode the west face of Eiger with my friends Luca Rolli, Julien "Pica" Herry and Denis Trento. I saw this face and made the fist attempt in 2010 with Luca, Laurent Duprè, Lionel Hachemy, and Hervè Sanglard, but conditions were not ok. A few days ago our friend Manu Gross climbed and skied this super nice line: it's something absolutely strange to have the face covered by a thin layer of snow in december!

It was a super opportunity and with Luca Rolli, Denis Trento, and Juien Herry we left the Mont Blanc very early in the morning towards Grindelwald...

Happy New Year to all!" - Davide Capozzi