First Snowboard Descent by Davide Capozzi - Pfann route, Aiguille de L'Aigle


In recent years I have been riding at the Miage glacier at least 20 times, but this year's heavy snowfalls have made up for conditions better than normal. This time the aim of the day was the Pfann couloir at Grand Aiguille de l'Aigle. The idea to ride this line was born from Laurent, after looking at pictures taken during our descent from the West of Mont Blanc, in 2007. That year the conditions were very good (more or less like this year), so we thought that we could give it a try. It’s an impressive line with 800 meters of vertical drop, and with a steepness of 45 ° to 50 °. Usually a descent that is not done from the top doesn't count as a clean descent, but for me, the beauty of this line goes beyond this fact.

This was probably a first descent on both snowboard and skis.

//Davide Capozzi